What Can GRabbit Get You, La Crosse?

We're a local delivery service for food, drinks, groceries and more. Shop local today!

Why not stay home and enjoy your favorite food, drinks and other local products from the La Crosse area?  We've got you covered with our fast, friendly delivery!

Order Up and Let's Go GRabbit!

The GRabbit app is your go-to local app for the La Crosse, Wisconsin community. We even deliver to Holmen, Onalaska, Campbell and West Salem, Wisconsin. We are a local company that wants to get your items from your favorite restaurants and stores in the area ... fast!

Our Customer Testimonials

"I live in Onalaska (almost Holmen) and ordered a meal from downtown La Crosse (Buzzard Billy's). It was delivered so fast! The driver was super friendly and courteous (even work a mask). I will definitely be ordering with GRabbit again. They don't charge the restaurant for the expenses, and during a pandemic it's nice to keep the money local. Other delivery services increase the price of the food if you compare their menu to the actual restaurant's site. Even with the small fee Grabbits charge, it's cheaper than "free delivery" from other delivery services. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed!" - Amanda

“HUGE shout out to GRabbit tonight on a job well done. I ordered this amazing taco pizza from Corky’s and had it delivered to Holmen. The food was still hot and exceeded our expectations. I recommend giving them a try. Well done, GRabbit!” - Myron
“GRabbit helped our company out of a pinch by picking up orders we placed from two different stores. They delivered the items to our office within a few hours. Rafael was extremely responsive, and the experience was seamless. We highly recommend them." - Jamie
“I texted their secure line for a coffee pick up from MOKA in Onalaska to be delivered to West Salem. It was fast service from amazingly friendly people! 10/10, I would use again!” - Sabel